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The Academy is the place for the millennial entrepreneur, Aaliyah started her very first business at the age of 14 and has developed a passion for developing entrepreneurs similar to herself into Millionaire Moguls. Join the Academy by purchasing some of our products of services such as Strategic call, Instagram Audit, Workbook, and Classes.

Vanity Brand Ambassador & Affiliate Program 

Vanity Affair  is committed to empowering driven and creative  individuals to start their own business. Get started on that journey to entrepreneurship and independence with Vanity Affair. When you join our Affiliate Program you say hello to entrepreneurship without all the stressful startup factors. Vanity Affair offers  an easy way for you to start a business without having to invest a ton of money. When you sign up to be an affiliate with us you will receive:

  • Personalized link for your customers to shop in your Vanity Store and you EARN commission on every sale
  • Marketing Materials to post and advertise including hair photos, videos, flyers, and the perfect captions created just for you!
  • Weekly marketing & sales strategy sessions with our Vanity Team 
  • Personalized referral link to invite others to become a part of the Vanity Affiliate Team and start making additional income with you.
  • Vanity Team Rep that handles all your customer's inquires and processing/shipping of orders.   

 Easy Way to Earn Money!     

Earn a 20% commission on all sales that are made through your personalized link in your online store.  

Example: A Customer clicks on the link you post to your social media to shop Vanity Store and spends $250 in your store. After 20% Commission you will earn $50!

  After the order is made a Vanity Team Representative will email your customer their order confirmation, process and ship out all packages, and update your customer with tracking information.

We  handle all the major work for you. All you have to do is post and collect your commision bi-weekly.

$75 a one time fee + 25 every month ( a product button for checkout)


Dropshipping Membership 

Membership to sell our actual product 

$75 a one time fee + $25 every month